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You are made of stars and sentiment.

Why do you feel worthless, dear one? You are made of stars and sentiment. You are the prized possession, the Greek goddess, the cherry on top. Why do you feel so alone and not good enough? You are deserving of all the love and all the admiration. You will never be replaced or compared or put in a corner. You are here to shine, to take all that power back. You are here to leave a mark and to be a legend. When you decide to jump on the train of the negative thoughts and the examples and the comparisons and the lack, decide to jump right off. Skip the tracks and jump onto the other train. The one of positive incantations and personal power and creating the life you want and viewing it all through a different lens. Lenses that you choose. They can be any color and any shape that you want. Blue, orange, green, square, oval, octagon. View yourself in a way that serves you and lifts you up. You are a magnificent creation. Glorious. Delightful. Perfect. Bask in the knowledge of the piece of divinity that lie within you.

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