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Speaker Janice

"Janice is one of - if not the most - authentic, heart-felt and audience centric speakers I've seen in my 24 years in the speaking industry. She connects with the heart of the person and the topic at hand. Janice Burt is the real deal."

- Kevin Bracy, Motivational Entertainer and Founder of Reach One Alliance

"Thank you for your honesty, emotion and vulnerability.  You are an amazingly attractive speaker -- manner, articulate, expressive."

"Janice Burt should be the "go to" presenter for any group wanting someone to touch the hearts, heads, and guts of the audience.  She is the master at evoking emotion in the audience."

"Janice is an inspiring, heart centered leader. Her facilitation, keynote speaking, and workshops are of utmost value to those we serve."

- Carolyn Collen, Executive Director at 1Life Fully Lived

"Great speech, but even better, great structure and form.  As well put together as I have ever seen."

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