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Forty Reasons

My 40th birthday is just around the corner. FORTY. I must say, if you could be inside my swirling thoughts and chaotic emotions for a day, you might think I’m still a child. I recognize that inner child of mine creating mischief, wanting to be seen. I’ve come to love that dear little girl, who is joyful, yet sullen; hopeful, yet terrified. Mostly, she just wants to feel safe. She accompanies me to most places I go. However, with forty years under my belt, she has learned some things. She knows how and when to sit down appropriately and when it’s time to finally surrender. She knows she is loved even when she doesn’t necessarily feel it. She knows, now, of her worth. She holds my hand, nervously, attentively, anytime we are about to embark on a new adventure. She reminds me at times of the wounds, of the sadness. But mostly she inspires me to run and jump and play and live this one life I’ve been given to its maximum potential. As I think about her, I think about my emotional growth and the one thing that has made the most difference in my life: Love. In honor of my fortieth birthday, I’ve listed 40 reasons why I keep coming back to love.

1) It is the foundation for all that is good. 2) It gives me wings to fly. 3) It allows my being to open and expand. 4) It is the greatest of these. 5) It sees no boundaries, borders or divides. 6) It makes me smile. 7) It provides peace as prevalent as poppies in California. 8) At the end of the day, it triumphs. 9) It allows me to run faster, longer, harder. 10) It gives a reason to the madness. 11) It erases fault and leaves one blameless. 12) It gives and gives and gives again without expecting any gifts back. 13) It wells up from the inside and overflows to the outside. 14) It is complete freedom. 15) It judges not. 16) It creates harmony. 17) It relieves the endless ache inside. 18) It allows me to be the highest and brightest version of myself. 19) It lacks nothing. 20) It fills my life with purpose and meaning. 21) It allows me to let go and be free. 22) It accepts. 23) When I give it, it comes back to me in deep and fulfilling ways. 24) It sees only the best in those around me. 25) It sees only the best in myself. 26) It achieves the impossible. 27) It transforms brokenness. 28) It never gives up. 29) It is free of comparison and judgment. 30) It permits me to simply be. 31) Its current is stronger than fear and hate. 32) It rejoices in the truth. 33) It is constant and consistent. 34) It makes the old new again. 35) It heals all wounds. 36) It allows me to breathe. Cleansing, life giving breaths. 37) It is perpetual bliss. 38) It endures all things. 39) It penetrates the darkest of dark with its pure, magnificent light. 40) It’s home.

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