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Janice Burt lived in Mexico City as a child where she learned to speak Spanish by immersion. She majored in Spanish and minored in Communication Studies at Sacramento State University. Janice then continued her studies specializing in legal interpretation at San Francisco State University. In 2012, she became a Court Certified Spanish Interpreter. She interprets for trials, hearings, mediations, medical evaluations, and depositions. She also does translation of legal documents. All her studies and skills aside, it is her passion and love for the Spanish language that sets her apart.


Link to Resume

Certification # 301506

Diana Glick, Attorney
“Janice was a fabulous interpreter for my client during a recent meeting. She picked up on the specialized lingo quickly and was able to keep my Spanish-speaking client in the loop during the proceedings, even when people were telling jokes or being sarcastic. Janice’s command of the Spanish language is impressive and she is also personable and easy to work with—highly recommended!”
José A Borrego – Attorney
“I have had the pleasure of working with Janice on many occasions in legal proceedings where she acted as interpreter for my Spanish speaking clients. Janice is personable and professional in her work. As a Spanish speaking lawyer myself, I found her interpreting skills to be top notch. She has mastered Spanish in both formal and slang forms and is prepared to research and clarify problematic terms should the need arise. Overall, I highly recommend her services!”
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