• Janice Burt



Powerful beyond measure. Faithful to a fault. Kind amidst the hate. Keepers of secrets in a vault. Enduring when exhausted, lovely like a lake, giving everything she has. Peace and love is what she’ll make. Women are the bearers of things beautiful and divine. Her wings will open up for you, through darkness she will shine. The love in her heart is limitless like each little grain of sand. She’s a warrior and a fighter conquering unconquered land. She will hope against all odds. She will inspire all the masses. She will be firm when she needs to, but distributes mercy passes. Women, I salute you for being exactly who you are. A wild rose,  a sparkling heart, a little girl who’s come so far.


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10th Avenue

The house on 10th Avenue was one I always remembered as being the less desirable of all the houses I’ve lived in. It was small and funky and in a very rough part of town. It was the first house I move

Alternate Realities

I live in alternate realities. In the one, I am lost and scared. I walk around always looking behind me, to make sure nothing can creep up on me. I feel closed off and closed in. My conversations are

Forty Reasons

My 40th birthday is just around the corner. FORTY. I must say, if you could be inside my swirling thoughts and chaotic emotions for a day, you might think I’m still a child. I recognize that inner chi