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The World of Love

Love enters my bones and runs through my veins. It courses through me like fine wine and settles deep within my spirit. I know I am changing. I feel it happening slowly yet purposefully. There is a profound shift within my being and I know very certainly I will not be the same again. The World of Love has opened up to me and I embrace this planet wholeheartedly. Nothing has ever felt so right in my entire life. A new perspective, a different lens, a paradigm shift. Call it what you may; it is here. Fear is just an obstacle in the way of exploring this World of Love and I will have none of it. I am bound and determined to break my way through the illusory obstacles. I will not be held back any longer from floating in this vast and endless sea of love. I am ready for this new life. I have indeed died while alive and now I am ready to be born again.

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