• Janice Burt

The Greatest of These

I no longer consider myself religious, but I do consider myself spiritual. I no longer cling to a set belief system, but I am open and searching. I no longer feel bad that I don’t understand it all, … but I accept my limited insight. I no longer need others to believe the way I do, but I respect their path. I no longer wallow in my guilt and fears, but I am unbound and set free. I no longer have to convince others of anything, but I share from my heart. I no longer have to control or use or need you, but I can love you. I no longer feel horrible that I can’t love you perfectly, but I can love the best I can. Deep down I know that when I judge you, I’m judging me. And when I despair of you, I am despairing of me. And when I don’t trust you, I don’t trust me. Yet when I love you, I’m loving me. And when I find peace in you, I find it in me. And when I have great hope for you, hope burns for me as well. And still after all this time and all these centuries, the greatest of these is and will always be Love.