• Janice Burt

Hold My Hand

Surrendering to the whisper deep within.

Come back, Janice, where’ve you been?

I make a new song, I hear a new beat.

I feel solidity beneath my feet.

Are you in despair today?

Have you felt you’ve lost the way?

Hold my hand for I have too.

Let’s begin again, let’s start anew.

Rejecting the voices in my head.

Making them be kind instead.

Are you sad and broken hearted?

Do you regret the strife you’ve started?

Hold my hand for I do too.

Let’s begin again, let’s start anew.

Feeling a surge of power well up.

It’s not from me, it overflows my cup.

Do you see the bigger picture?

Love and peace, the perfect mixture?

Hold my hand for I see too.

Let’s begin right now, let’s start anew.


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