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Complete Peace & Happiness

Complete peace and happiness is…

Taking your children to Mexico City where you grew up and showing them your old house, hanging out with dear friends from your youth, and eating homemade chilaquiles.

It’s riding bikes with no helmets, sleeping in the same bed you slept in when you were 12, and hearing your daughter practice her Spanish.

It’s flying to a tropical paradise, teaching yoga every morning (early but not too early) and eating everything with lime and chili.

It’s having the father of your children come to take you all snorkeling and feeling nothing but love and joy.

It’s having a united family despite the past, conversations that are deep and meaningful, and enjoying foamy cappuccinos every morning.

It’s singing silly songs together at the top of your lungs at night, bargaining with the locals, and petting the island deer while it eats a tortilla out of your hand.

It’s palm trees and sunsets and sand in your hair.

It’s the Disney channel in Spanish and clipping your children’s toenails.

It’s warm ocean and sun and volleyball and parasailing and dancing and body surfing.

It’s crazy tattoos on your forehead, coconut juice, and live music.

It’s mangos and papaya and new friends and empty bottles of sunscreen.

It’s being called maestra while sharing your passion with others and having them want to know more.

It’s releasing expectations that you’ll get home when you planned and embracing the long waits, new hotels, and business class upgrades.

It’s the feeling of missing and loving and forgiving and expanding and centering and oneness.

It’s life lived authentically, love shared widely, and a soul filled with a deep knowing.

The past week has been all of this and more.

Which equals,

Complete peace and happiness to me.

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